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Why Should You Choose Us?

Doctors of Hearing, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality life of the hearing impaired community. Doctors of Hearing, Inc. is your trusted source for the information needed to make informed decisions on hearing aid purchases. Doctors of Hearing, Inc provides expert testing and proper fitting of hearing aids, using a broad range of products that can be supported by many different providers across the country.

Your hearing aid provider will likely advise you throughout your lifetime, so choosing the right provider with the proper training and experience is crucial.

Our Core Service

Doctors of Hearing Inc. provides hearing solutions that are more powerful, precise and user-friendly than ever before.

We Do Our Best

DOH specialists are experienced and dedicated audiologists who are committed to helping inform those with hearing loss.  Doctors of Hearing Audiologists work with their patients to provide them with the most advanced hearing technologies and a solution that will fit their unique lifestyle.  We are not bound to any manufactuer.  We sell all 6 brands of hearing aids (which happen to be the leaders in the industry).  Every manufacture has its own specialty; hence we do not deprive our patients from getting what they need. We do not work with small companies; do not sell amplifiers or hearing aids that do not work properly.    

  • Quality Diagnostic Advice
  • Experienced & Licended Staff
  • The Newest / High Technology
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