Our Non-Profit


The purpose of love2hear is to make an attempt to provide services and hearing aids are lower cost or at times free of charge for those students that are stuggling with fanancial issues and for those Veterans that do not qualify for assistance through the VA system.  In addition, we are here to donate to rescued animal shelters.  We love animals, they bring so much joy and love to humans.

We work tirelessly to provide support for the following: 

  • The Department of Animal care and control county of LA.
  • Veterns in need that come to our office.
  • College students that can not afford hearing aids.

DOH rescued two dogs.  Chacha and Paco.  We now care for them and provide them with love. 

We rescued  these precious animals in the streets strapped to a light pole.  They were both hungry, thirsty and very sick. 

chacha paco




DOH believes in honoring our Veterans for their service to our country, we continue to provide veterans with discounted prices on hearing aids.

DOH believes in higher Education and works to provide solutions for those college students in need of hearing aids to complete their degrees.  Recently we sponsored our first college student with a pair of free hearing aids. 


Meet our first sponsored student by DOH



For more information, contact us.  DOH