Free Services

Doctors of Hearing Inc. is constantly looking for free services for the public.  Below you will find a list of free services:

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1. Free Lip reading classes with a speech Therapist

No Fee Adult Therapy Program

Memory Enhancement and Brain Aerobics with Lipreading Therapy for the Hearing Impaired.

This program is offered by Francine Hokin Katz, M.A., C.C.C; a graduate from Northwestern University and a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and lip reading Specialist. Mrs. Katz was with P.C.C for over 45 years.  She served as an assistant Professor at California State University Los Angeles for over 12 years.  She was also, "Teacher of the year" at P.C.C in 2005.  Francine was also listed in "Who's Who in America" western section.

Her therapy classes are conducted in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, making learning to lipread exciting and rewarding while, at the same time, improving the memory and recallability through challenging activities.  It all serves to boost your brain power, and helps you age with grace! per Francine Hokin Katz M.A, CCC/A.


call for more information.  Continuous enrollment from September to May.

Arcadia (626) 5745130                                    San Marino  (626) 300-0777                                         Pasadena   (626) 744-7266



Counseling and support for families of children who are blind or visually impaired (and may also have hearing loss).

Blind Children's Learning Center.  They offer one-on-one counseling, family counseling, play therapy, In home services, Therapy for teens and siblings, support during doctor appointmnets and hospital stays. 

The counseling Department Hosts FREE support groups and opportunities to connect: Parent-to-Parent is a chance for parents to meet on a weekly basis for coffee, support, and resources. FATHERS NETWORK allows fathers to share and work through the challenges of raising children with and without disabilities. FAMILY VISIONS gives families the opportunity to share experiences and insights and hear from speakers in the community.

714 573-8888

18542-B Vanderlip Ave

Santa Ana, CA