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    CHICA hears in the range from 40Hz-60,000Hz. (The shape of her ears and other variables help CHICA to hear in many directions). Because of this, CHICA hears better than HUMANS.
    Using NEW TECHNOLOGY, we can help you hear better too.
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  • Doctors of Hearing
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The Difference is in our Training...

  • Hearing Aid Dispenser

    Retail Product Provider
       Not a Doctor High School Diploma 18+ years of age Passed a written and practical exam for dispensing hearing aids
  • ENT - Medical Doctor

    Ear Nose & Throat Specialist
       Extensive Specialized Medical Training Works closely with Audiologist Specialized in Ear Nose & Throat Focuses on Medical & Surgical Treatments
  • Hearing Doctor / Audiologist

    8 years University Education
       Doctorate Degree in Audiology Comprehensive Audiological Evaluations & Expert Hearing Aid Dispensing Skills Multiple Diagnostic & Treatment Programs Clinician Therapist, Teacher, Consultant
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Looking for hearing solutions? Learn more about our various options and what works for you.

We offer a wide range of products and hearing systems tailored to your needs. We will diagnose and adjust your treatment plan based on your needs.

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A hearing loss can be challenging not just personally but professionally. We empower our patients to take proactive steps to transform their lives in a positive way!


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We can be a lifesaver in many aspects

So many of our patients come to us to solve an initial hearing loss. For the most part, we end up with life long friends and customers. We are here for the community!

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