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About Doctors of Hearing, Inc.

Doctors of Hearing, Inc. (DOH) started in Glendale, CA in 2011. The original practice was started by a doctor who suffered from hearing loss and Audiologist Dr. Camacho. Dr. Camacho was inspired to build an entirely new company based on her experience within this industry. The focus of the company is to provide outstanding service, excellent products and competitive pricing.

In 2014, Dr. Norma Camacho and Kevin Townsend partnered up to create Doctors of Hearing, Inc. (DOH) identified an important need in the industry and created a safe place where people can go and get reliable information about hearing loss and the most current technology available.

With 35 years of combined experience in audiology, the entire team at DOH genuinely seeks to help those with hearing loss. DOH combines these values to create an amazing group of qualified hearing doctors who’s goal is to educate our patients and provide real understanding of current technology.
Doctors of Hearing, Inc. works with the leading manufacturers in the hearing aid industry to provide affordable solutions to all of our patients.



Doctors of Hearing - DOH is a stand that patients and those that work with the hearing impaired are comprehensively informed on the different types of hearing loss and how to compensate for them. If a counselor is needed to help patients accept their hearing loss DOH can provide support.

We are available to advise teachers and parents on their concerns. We are here to answer questions or provide assistance with hearing aid and FM system use. We have an online video chat feature that will allow us and our community to support our patients continuously through the process of relearning how to hear. It is crucial that this support is available throughout the process to ensure a successful outcome.

We are aware that hearing loss can cause frustration, anger, pain, misunderstandings, anxiety, isolation, depression and other social issues such as mistreatment by family or even children being bullied at school. Our chat rooms are a safe place that people can come and receive support from us and others that can relate to the issues facing them. Our chats are also available to parents whose child may have been recently diagnosed with hearing loss and needs the support and guidance that we are able to provide.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide hearing solutions to those with hearing loss and provide excellent care, knowledge and service to all of our patients.  

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Our Values

We value honesty and amazing customer service by providing accurate information to allow our patients to make an informed decision.  We are here to inform the public to differentiate a hearing aid dealer from an Audiologist.

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Our Solution

Doctors of Hearing Inc. provides hearing solutions that are more powerful and user-friendly than ever before.