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Doctors of Hearing, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality life of the hearing impaired community. Doctors of Hearing, Inc. is your trusted source for the information needed to make informed decisions on hearing aid purchases. Doctors of Hearing, Inc provides expert testing and proper fitting of hearing aids. We are looking to network with other qualified providers so that we can broaden our service to a national level.

We can provide more specific information to your case in our video chat-rooms (ask the audiologist).



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We are centrally located in the Pasadena, CA and Rancho Cucamonga area.

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We focus on individual solutions, and customize programs based on your needs.

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Our new website offers online video chat so that you can meet others with hearing loss and find support.

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  • If you suspect hearing loss and would like your hearing evaluated who would you visit? +

    Only a trained Audiologist can really determine the type and extent of hearing loss. We work with our patients and take almost all health insurance plans. Often we can help you so there is minimal out of pocket expense. Please call us!
  • Who should fit hearing aids? +

    Proper fitting for hearing aids should be done by a qualified professional professional with the proper education, experience and skills that are needed. Audiologist course work and training is in this area.
  • What types of test are needed to evaluate my hearing? +

    We have extensive tests that determine hearing loss. Please see this section of our website.
  • What is the difference between a hearing Aid Dispenser and and Audiologist? +

    A hearing aid dispenser does not have the Audiologist background. and diagnostic tools/tests. Dispensers are not qualified to diagnose hearing problems.
  • Who are our partners? +

    We work with only the highest quality manufacturers that support our clients.
  • What job opportunities are available? +

    We are expanding and always looking for talented and qualified people who love taking care of our amazing patients.
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Your Hearing... Is IMPORTANT! 

Chica girl

Humans can hear in the range from 20Hz-20,000Hz,

But Chica girl can hear in the range from 40Hz-60,000Hz.


(The shape of her ears and the many muscles gives Chica the ability to move her ears in diffent directions, which in turn helps her hear better than us).  Hearing is essential to animals and humans, without this important sense we disconnect with people.

“That’s good to hear”


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