Information for consumers

The following is important information regarding personal amplifiers and regarding United Health Care Hi Innovations:

(DOH) does not support the sales of amplifiers, we do not support online shopping of hearing aids, and we do not support the new group United Health Care Hi Innovations.

Those who need hearing aids need a comprehensive hearing test, and dependable technology with reputation and research behind them.EarAid100

It is important to seek professional guidance when looking for hearing aids.  Amplifiers are not program to an individual's hearing loss.  They are not appropiate for a certain type of hearing loss.  You need a prescription in your hearing aids, if hearing aids are not programmed to your specific type of hearing loss, an amplifier can damage your hearing because they were not made specifically for your hearing needs. 

Currently there are 6 leaders in the hearing aid industry that have proven  that their products work for those who need hearing aids. Please see our section label Products.

Retailers for personal amplifiers (ASHA) by the American Speech and Hearing Association:

United Healthcare Hi Innovations:

Academy Efforts with Regard to the United HealthCare/hi HealthInnovations Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aid Benefit and Online Hearing Test

The following tips are recommendations for our family, friends, and patients to help with the purchase of hearing aids:

Please be certain to get the services, treatment and products that are best for you.  Be aware of those places that want you to buy hearing aids the same day.  You will always find a great Audiologist.  Doctors of Hearing Inc.  Recommends the purchase of hearing aids from private own practices because you will be able to get the most discounted prices for hearing aids since you won't be dealing with the coorporate side of the bussines.  In addition, most likely you will be dealing with the same provider at all times. We also encurage purchase of hearing aids from non profit organizations. 

  • Make sure you have a comprehensive hearing test.  Visit our section under services to know which test you should receive to dignose your hearing and those test require to fit hearing aids.
  • Ask provider if you have wax in your ears.  If you have mild wax, it might not interfere with the test but if moderate to severe it might interfere with your test; In our clinic we do a special test to determine if wax will be a problem,  in addition the provider can bill for services twice.  DOH recommends wax removal prior to comprehensive hearing test.  We use very sensitive equipment that if someone has wax in the ear, it will interfere with the test.
  • If the hearing aids cost $7000 dollars per pair or more for high end technology (premium technology), please know that you can get them elsewhere for less without compromising the quality or the services.
  • Bring a loved one to your appoitment to help you make a decision.  Hearing Aid Evaluations provide you with a lot of information.  You might miss a question, your significant other can help you make an important decision.  Audiologist also provide with important couseling for the family on this day.
  • Make sure your hearing aids can be adjusted in other places and that the hearing aid brand is well known.  Viist our section brands.  Those 6 brands are known to be the six leaders in the industry and they can be program or reprogram in other clinics.
  • A provider must provide you with the counseling needed for your type of hearing loss in addition to servicing your new hearing aids.
  • Do not be pressured to buy a hearing aid the same day because of a so-called promotion.  This is a sales tactic often used by over zealous salespeople.
  • Do not buy a hearing aid if you don’t know the model, level of technology and services that you would be getting.
  • Make sure they offer follow-up visits.  You should see your hearing provider at least 4 times a year and your hearing should be re-evaluated every year or sooner if a problem is suspected.Otoacoustic Emission test
  • It is always preferable to purchase hearing aids from an Audiologist who runs their own business and works with the same established providers.  Some companies have a high turnover rate of providers.
  • We also recommend the purchase of hearing aids from non-profit organizations centers.
  • Make sure you know the credentials and experience of the person you are working with.  Check their status on the hearing aid dispensers bureau to make sure you are dealing with a licensed provider with a good standing license.
  • Do not buy hearing aids online.  You need a provider to walk you through the process of learning to hear again, for guidance, services, and counseling. You might find a good deal on line but you will have to pay for all other services.  It will be more costly at the end.  In addition, Dispensing Audiologist will recommend the best product that is suitable for your need. 

If you have a sudden hearing loss, you must have a hearing test within 78 hours and visit an ENT during the first 48 hours.  You will need a comprehensive hearing test prior to visiting the ENT.  Call us or email us and ask about our urgent program if you need a comprehensive hearing test.  If we don't service your area, we can find a provider for you.

If you suffer from Vertigo and you have never seen an Audiologist, ask your doctor for a referral.


For more specific information or questions, please feel free to contact us.  Also get access to our chat room. (Ask the audiologist).