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NoiseInduced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss happens when excessive noise causes internal year damage. The immune system then responds by replacing the damaged cells with a scar tissue. Since the scar tissue cannot convert mechanical signals to electrical pulses as the rest of the inner ear cells, hearing loss occurs. The more tissue damage there is, the greater the extent of the damage.

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Hearing Protection Using Genes

Doctors of Hearing's findings show that when a person is exposed to higher levels of noise, the hair cell and neural connections are disrupted. Doctors of Hearing have found that introducing genes that help resist the damage to hair cells and neural junctions prevent the noise-induced hearing loss. That means soon it could be possible to protect ourselves from noise pollution.


Sources of Noise

Hearing Loss due to excessive noise affects about 5% to 10% of the population. Those who are most vulnerable are those who work in factories. However, due to the high number of jobs being exported to developing countries, the number of Americans who are exposed workplace noise is consistently dropping.
According findings by DoctorsOfHearing, about 50% of manufacturing jobs have been transferred to developing countries so far. That means Americans who are getting noise induced damage are mostly getting it from other sources such as when hunting, and loud music from accessories such as iPods.

Phantom noise (Tinnitus)

Hearing of phantom noise (Tinnitus,) is a problem that is experienced by millions of people. The main cause has been shown to be an increase in voltage across the Kv7.2/3 channel of the inner ear. That increase is only shown in ears that have been exposed to excessive noise. These findings have made it possible to design drugs that may restore the electrochemical balance to prevent Tinnitus.

Please contact DoctorsOfHearing in Los Angeles, Pasadena to get help if you hear phantom noises or you have been exposed to excessive noise.


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