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How Can Audiologists Improve The Patient Experience?

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Even if you have experienced hearing loss for some time, a visit to the audiologist can still be a nerve wracking experience. However, there are steps that audiologists can take to make their patients feel welcome and comfortable. Some of the most effective steps are described in more detail below.

Realize That Everyone Has A Different Story

Everyone will have their own story about how they came to be affected by hearing loss. Taking time to listen to these stories can help you really get to know your patient and this will help you to determine what help they will need. Some people may be more reluctant to talk than others but knowing their story can make a real difference to their treatment so it is worth trying to get them to open up.

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Make Accommodations For People With Hearing Loss Throughout The Office

People with varying degrees of hearing loss will be visiting your office on a daily basis and so it is important that they are all accommodated. All of your staff should know the importance of speaking clearly both in person and over the phone. You may also want to consider installing some hearing loops in all rooms in your office.

Offer Products And Solutions That Will Really Help

The more you know about a patients interests and lifestyle, the more relevant your recommendations will be. This can enable your patients to be able to access products that will really make a difference to their daily lives. You need to think about the solution that each product will offer and think about whether this is something that would benefit the patient.

Have A Good Knowledge Of The Latest Technology

If you keep up to date with the latest technology then you will always be aware of how this technology can help your patients. There is new technology being released all the time and so keeping abreast of this can mean you are able to offer a really valuable service to your patients.

Partner With Hearing Loss Services In The Community

Suffering with hearing loss can bring a whole range of issues that people need support with. You may not be able to deal with all these issues yourself but you can point your patients towards other places where they will be able to get help. Working with these groups can also mean that you are able to raise your own profile in the community.

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Age Related Hearing Loss

According to Doctors of Hearing, age related hearing loss has been found to be caused by the weakening of the Glycine in the mammalian cochlear. The actual processes that leads to the condition are not known. Studies from mice have shown that higher bushy cells' glycinergic inhibitions are higher in older individuals than younger people. Loss of hearing affects individual’s social and health negatively leading to a lower quality of life. When individual of the same age are compared, those suffering from hearing loss lead a more solitary life.

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How to Respond When You Sense Hearing Loss
The isolation leads to greater chances of physical and mental illness being experienced by the hear loss victims. If you have started to experience a decline in your ability to hear what other people are speaking in normal tones, then you need to contact DoctorsOfHearing in Los Angeles, Pasadena. You will be advised on the current options that can help stall the process. You may also get hearing aids that can help you communicate better with others.

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Effects of Hearing Loss
The studies were done on a group of men and women, numbering 1,140 and aged over 70 years. The study found that those who had hearing problems were more likely to have been admitted in hospital. They had about a 32% more chance of being admitted to a hospital when compared to another group of 529 men and women. These were of the same age who had no hearing problem. Doctors of Hearing attributes that to the isolation they live in which could also lead to cases of poor diet, less exercising, and a feeling of loneliness.

Managing Hearing Loss

Eating a healthy diet and living with understanding people can help people who have lost their sense of hearing to cope. Use of hearing aids can also help to lower the chances of isolation happening; that is because most people find it hard to repeat themselves several times in a conversation. If you have any questions on how to deal with hearing loss, contact DoctorsofHearing, in Los Angeles, Pasadena at for more information!

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Genetics and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can happen because of genetic mutations during development of a baby. The inner ear has two special proteins that are only found in the ear. These proteins can be affected by gene mutations that happen when babies are developing in the womb.Related image

Ongoing research shows that it may soon be possible to intervene and stop those mutations. If you are about to have a baby, you should contact Doctors of Hearing for an update of what can be done to save your unborn child from hearing loss. The gene mutations either cause a delay in hearing development of hearing or total loss.

The genes in question are the SLC26A4, they are the ones that encode proteins forming hearing channels capable of converting sound waves into electrical pulses that can be transmitted by neurons into the brain. The brain can then process the electrical pulses to interpret sounds.When these genes mutate, they cause a variance in the way the channel are formed.

That in turn causes the channels to produce wrong electrical pulses that the brain cannot interpret correctly. DoctorsOfHearing says current research points to a possibility of intervening and stopping hearing loss during embryonic formation. It is possible to intervene and stop the effects caused by the gene mutations that lead to deafness.

Although no tests have been done on humans, the results showed that absences of the gene caused swelling of the inner ear, thus causing deafness. Other effects of the gene mutation are loss of balance, which could explain why other kids take long before they learn to walk.

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The research concluded that by repairing the endolymphatic sac while the baby is still in the embryonic stage, it could be possible to restore hearing loss and balance to normal levels. If you are expecting to have a baby, or there are cases of deafness in your family, it is possible your unborn child will be affected as well.
You should visit Doctors of Hearing, in Los Angeles, Pasadena, for a diagnosis and medical advice. 

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An Overview of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is officially defied as the inability to hear. Those effected, are typically referred to as hard of hearing and can occur in one or both ears. In adults, hearing loss can result in work-related difficulties and in children, it can cause learning problems. It is important to know what causes hearing loss, what an audiologist is, types of hearing aids and physiological issues with hearing loss.

Causes of Hearing Loss

There are multiple causes of hearing loss including ageing, disorders, genetics, noise and perinatal problems. As human’s age, hearing loss progressively occurs due to the inability to hear high frequencies. Disorders such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, perilymph fistula and viral infections can all cause hearing problems. Also, hearing loss can be genetically inherited. Loud noises causes almost half of hearing loss cases. Finally, fetal alcohol spectrum and premature birth can affect hearing.

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What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a medical professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating auditory disorders as well as the vestibular system of the ear. They can recommend hearing aids, counsel families through new diagnosis, create education programs and implement newborn hearing screening programs.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are electroacoustic devices designed to amplify sounds for the wearer which are hearing solutions. There are numerous types including, behind-the-ear, body worn, bone-anchored, disposable, eyeglass, extended wear, in-the-ear, invisible, open-fit, personal programmable and stethoscope aids.

Physiological Issues with Hearing Loss

Physically, there are two types of physiological hearing loss: conductive and sensorineural. Conductive hearing loss is caused by fixation of the bones in the middle of the ear that interrupts the bone chain. This is typically the result of a severe infection or head trauma. Sensorineural hearing loss involves an impairment of the nerves which limits loudness and clarity. This is caused by damage to the feather-like hair cells from an extended period of high levels of noise.

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Best hearing solutions for you

Hearing is a gift that many people take for granted but when one experiences ringing in the ears or hearing loss, then one’s daily routine is affected. There are several factors that cause hearing loss and some of them include exposure to loud noise over a period of time, aging and insertion of objects into the ear among others.

The main reason for hearing loss is the damage of the cochlea which contains over 15000 hair cells. Thanks to improved technology, people with hearing loss can get to hear again.

Below are relief measures for patients with hearing loss.

Hearing aids

Today, hearing loss is brought about by loud noise and aging can be relieved thanks to hearing aids. These are miniature devices that have been developed to enable patients to be able to hear. It is composed of a hearing piece which captures sound much the same as the inner ear. It converts waves into audible sound therefore allowing one to participate in a conversation.


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They are fitted with volume adjusters therefore helping one to adjust the amount of sound the device projects into the ear. As an inexpensive solution to hearing loss, you need to seek the help of an audiologist for better fitting.

Cochlear implants Image result for Cochlear implants

For patients with severe hearing loss, a cochlear is one of the best option. Unlike hearing aids provided by audiologists and which help to amplify sound as it directs it to the ear canal, a cochlear implant helps to compensates for damaged or non working parts of a patient’s inner ear.
If you opt for this option, it’s best to discuss the risks and benefits with your audiologists as well as with your ENT doctor.

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