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Ototoxicity, Cancer treatments & Hearing loss

Ototoxicity is a condition that can be caused by the use of antineoplastic agents like Cisplatin that are extremely potent and often used in the treatment of various types of cancer. In fact, as many as 93 percent of the patients who have received Cisplatin end up developing sensorineural hearing loss that is not only progressive but also irreversible. Unfortunately, this can lead to a quality of life that is severely diminished for survivors of cancer and finding the best audiologist could be necessary

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There currently isn’t any available treatment for ototoxicity that is caused by Cisplatin. A number of medical studies have been aiming at assessing methods for potentially protecting against ototoxicity using certain compounds, including calcium channel blockers, anti-apoptotic agents, antioxidants, caspase inhibitors, and anti-inflammatories.

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Meanwhile, an audiologist could recommend hearing aids for patients who have experienced hearing loss due to this condition. Hearing aid sales and good hearing aid deals can easily be found by requesting a recommendation from a patient's audiologist or by searching online for reputable hearing aids providers. And, you can find out more about us or, contact us today for an appointment at your convenience.


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