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Our mission is to help those who suffer from hearing loss and for those who need hearing aids. We are here to help change the hearing health care Industry. Those with hearing loss need the best services, and reasonable pricing for hearing aids

Improving hearing loss


Hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing or buzzing) in the ears, or difficulty understanding speech affects the lifestyles of over 200,000 people of all ages and genders.  We will have an eBook on this very soon!

Hearing loss can be related to illnesses or other inherited factors. Audiologists are professionals who evaluate options for better hearing. Seek out the best audiologist in Pasadena for a thorough examination and recommendations.

Audiology is the study of hearing from a scientific and medical point of view, the concept was first used in 1946. Education, training, and solid research experience for this field require a bachelor’s degree in a related field and a doctoral degree in audiology (Aud.D.).
Your assessment will include measurement of your ability to hear different sounds, pitches, and frequencies. The process is painless and non-invasive, and takes less than one hour. After the testing, the audiologist will discuss the results and suggest treatment strategies. The solution may require a hearing aid. Types of custom-made hearing aids include:
- Invisible-in-the-canal for mild to moderate hearing loss
- Completely-in-the-canal shows only the tip of the removal handle outside the ear
- In-the-ear instruments fit within the outer portion of the ear
- Receiver-in-canal aids are barely visible and contain a speaker inside the ear canal
- Behind the ear technology employs a casing and operates with an earbud or ear mold

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All of the above styles are available in different colors and finishes to complement a variety of hair and skin tones.
In most cases, patients will receive a hearing aid at that first appointment. Auditory assistants will counsel you through the initial adjustment and fitting. These trained workers will provide counseling for the emotions connected to daily reliance on the device. All your questions will be answered and complete instructions for use and care of the instrument will be discussed in detail. Information regarding battery life, carrying cases, chargers, and other essential items will be provided.
Don’t put off the examination if you are having even minor problems. The best audiologists in Pasadena will employ the latest hearing technology and work out a high-quality and affordable solution. Many companies we work with offer promotions and special offers to defray costs.

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