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Age Related Hearing Loss

According to Doctors of Hearing, age related hearing loss has been found to be caused by the weakening of the Glycine in the mammalian cochlear. The actual processes that leads to the condition are not known. Studies from mice have shown that higher bushy cells' glycinergic inhibitions are higher in older individuals than younger people. Loss of hearing affects individual’s social and health negatively leading to a lower quality of life. When individual of the same age are compared, those suffering from hearing loss lead a more solitary life.

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How to Respond When You Sense Hearing Loss
The isolation leads to greater chances of physical and mental illness being experienced by the hear loss victims. If you have started to experience a decline in your ability to hear what other people are speaking in normal tones, then you need to contact DoctorsOfHearing in Los Angeles, Pasadena. You will be advised on the current options that can help stall the process. You may also get hearing aids that can help you communicate better with others.

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Effects of Hearing Loss
The studies were done on a group of men and women, numbering 1,140 and aged over 70 years. The study found that those who had hearing problems were more likely to have been admitted in hospital. They had about a 32% more chance of being admitted to a hospital when compared to another group of 529 men and women. These were of the same age who had no hearing problem. Doctors of Hearing attributes that to the isolation they live in which could also lead to cases of poor diet, less exercising, and a feeling of loneliness.

Managing Hearing Loss

Eating a healthy diet and living with understanding people can help people who have lost their sense of hearing to cope. Use of hearing aids can also help to lower the chances of isolation happening; that is because most people find it hard to repeat themselves several times in a conversation. If you have any questions on how to deal with hearing loss, contact DoctorsofHearing, in Los Angeles, Pasadena at for more information!

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